The Variety Savatiano

Savatiano is the most predominantly indigenous variety in the vineyard of Attica, reaching 80% of the total crop. At the same time, Savatiano is one of the most popular varieties in Greece, along with Roditis, mainly focused on the areas of Eastern Central Greece. It often takes part in blend with other varieties and is considered the lead variety for the production of retsina (resinated wine).

In recent years, with the motion to give prominence to local Greek varieties and thanks to the love and respect shown by the new generation of winemakers of Attica, Savvatiano proved to be a grape that hides fierce excitement in its flesh.

The main flavour characteristics of wine are the individual aromas of yellow fruit, lychee, spring flowers and freshly cut grass. The mouthfeel is characterized by lively freshness, tender acidity and a balanced flavour with strong refinement and an excellent aftertaste.